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Event Conditions and Notes

  1.  The event will be conducted in accordance with ITF rules and regulations. 
  2. As a participant I agree to comply with the ITF rules and regulations, the TA Disciplinary Policy (including reference to spectator behaviour and interference), TA member protection by-law and the TA anti-doping policy. 
  3. Inappropriate spectator behaviour could result in denial of entry at future events and will be dealt with in accordance with the above policies. 
  4. I consent to be involved in any publicity connected with this event, including media interviews, photographs and TV footage. You must inform the tournament organiser if you do not wish to be involved in publicity matters. 
  5. I consent to the organisers to use details provided on the entry form to communicate information about this and future events via post, email or SMS. 
  6. It is recommended every athlete to be a member of an affiliated tennis club within their state. 
  7. Entry closing date is 26 February 2016. 
  8. Entries signed and accompanied by the entry fee will be accepted at the address on the entry form up to and including the published closing date. Entries may be made on line at or emailed to
  9. Singles events 12, 14 & 16 Boys and Girls will be best of 3 tiebreaker sets. Round Robin format. 
  10. Events will be seeded by the officiating Referee. 
  11. All entrants re to be current registered paying members of their State Association and must provide the Registered Player Number. 
  12. Age requirements are - 2016 event, 12/U , 14/U & 16/U. Players must play in their official age group. 
  13. Players must report to the tournament office on arrival. Any competitor not ready to play when called, may forfeit the match. 
  14. Trophies will be presented to the Winners & Runners-Up. 
  15. Recognised tennis attire must be worn along with the correct footwear for en-tout-cas. 
  16. A Referee has been appointed by the event organiser. His/Her duties include the right to cancel an event, change the length of matches and issue a formal advise, followed by an official warning to a player (or spectator) for behaving in a detriment manner to the good image of tennis. Should a player continue to offend on or off the court during the event the referee may disqualify the player from taking any further part in the event. 
  17. The event organiser, in consultation with the Referee, reserves the right to reject entries, have events played away from the major venues courts and to complete matches under lights. 
  18. The Centre/Organisers accept no liability for injury or loss of property during the event. 
  19. Event organisers and sponsors reserve the right to use names and images of players competing in the event for any promotional purposes in media releases and on related web sites. 
  20. Competitors and event officials will be allowed on courts. 
  21. No refund of entry fee will be made if a player withdraws after seedings have been done or draws finalised.